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Locations Served

Sure, other builders might claim to be custom, but then box you into predesigned plans — forcing you to choose one and giving you few customization options. At SDL Custom Homes, we do it differently. We are a premier provider of custom home design and building services in the central Pennsylvania region. Explore our Gallery of Homes, read our customer testimonials and see for yourself why our commitment to flexibility and value results in central PA’s best-built houses.

While you can choose from our pre-designed plans, you also have the freedom to design a totally unique plan. Have you been dreaming of the perfect home for your family? With SDL Custom Homes, you can design and build it. You can even draw it on a napkin and hand it to us. We’ll take it from there. Check out our 22-page standards and specifications and then compare it to the measly 3-page one you get from typical home builders. At SDL Homes, you’ll see we mean business when it comes to customization.


Where We Work

Our customers live, work and play in the central Pennsylvania region. They live in York and Lancaster. They work in Carlisle, Hershey and Harrisburg. From Cumberland to beyond, SDL Homes builds residences for people who want a custom built home instead of custom-built prices.

When you partner with SDL Homes, we help you design the ideal residences for your needs and budget. Check out the available properties for sale in the central PA region, and explore our plan guide. We work with architects known for beautiful, functional designs. Choose one of our pre-priced plans or make modifications as you see fit. With SDL Homes, we never say no — provided your request meets building codes — and we will find the plan that is meant for you. Still not satisfied? Work with our in-house designers and create a plan that meets your specific lifestyle needs.

SDL Custom Homes has made our home in Central PA because it’s the best place to live. Our area is celebrated for our friendly neighbors, strong local economy, and range of cultural and educational opportunities.

We’re your neighbors as well as builders in:

Who’s the Boss? You

When you purchase a preexisting home, you are working within someone else’s design specifications. Why fit a square peg in a round hole when you can have your own design built for about the same cost? SDL can build everything from spacious ranch styles to a Cape Cod with loads of character to a 2-story residence that you can call home for the rest of your life. Want to buy your flooring from a favored dealer? With us, you can. Prefer to infuse some sweat equity into your home by doing your own painting? We’ll work with that, too. Want a unique component installed in your home? We can do it. No matter what kind of dream you have, we’ll make it happen and ensure it meets code and good building standards. Whether you’d like a second home in the woods or a primary residence for your growing family, we can help you design and build a home with unmatched flexibility.

Flexibility? Yeah, We’ve Got That

What do we mean by flexibility? Well, when you choose SDL Custom Homes, you benefit from our streamlined design/build process that lets you modify designs before construction without cost and source your own materials. You can also choose to do some of the work yourself, maximizing your project budget. Do you prefer to work with your own bath or kitchen designer? No problem — we partner up all the time. Doing the painting yourself sounds like a great way to save money? We can work with that. Did you find some great vintage-style flooring that works with your planned décor? Great! Just let us know how we can help.

Of course, we also know that some customers want to be more hands-on than others. If you’d like us to take the reins, take the streamlined approach and choose among our selection of SDL-supplied materials. And because we have a firm price transparency policy, you’ll never have to worry about paying more for allowance items such as kitchen or flooring when you go with us. In fact, we can discount many supplies by as much as 60 percent. Best of all, you don’t need to wait for your home to be built to walk through it. We tap into advanced 3D technology that lets you walk through your home while it’s still in the design phase. You don’t have to visualize what your home will look like — you’ll actually see it.

Your House: A Reflection of You

We know that nothing says more about a person than your home, and we are committed to making the central PA region as beautiful as possible. Contact SDL Homes for a complimentary consultation, and find out why we are the new home builders the central PA region counts on for quality, flexibility and value.

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