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Home Builders in Carlisle, PA

Custom Home Builders in Carlisle Pennsylvania

Custom home builders Carlisle, PAYou should be able to fall in love with your home. But falling in love can be hard when you’re scanning the market and looking at what’s available. Have you ever considered a custom home builder in Carlisle, PA? You should know that a beautiful custom home that looks and feels just the way you want it to is more within reach than you can imagine.

At SDL Custom Homes, we’re in the business of making our clients’ dreams a reality. When you want to fall in love with your home, choose the best option from among new home builders in Carlisle, PA — choose the outstanding service and results you get from SDL Custom Homes.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Some builders offer custom homes that aren’t really custom. They have pre-designed floor plans and they let you tweak and adjust a little bit. But true customization means the picture you have in your head can become a reality. And that’s what you get when you choose SDL Custom Homes as your home builders in Carlisle, PA.

We use 3D modeling and flexibility to help translate your vision into a design. We make it a point to never tell our customers “no” — and we often take ideas articulated as a sketch on a napkin and turn them into beautiful homes for our clients to enjoy. Choosing SDL Custom Homes as your Carlisle homebuilders means you can truly let your imagination run wild.


Quality and Craftsmanship at Every Turn

PA custom homeA custom home isn’t just about a design. It’s also important that the final results represent quality and craftsmanship. For that reason, we make several decisions throughout the design and construction processes that ensure you get quality and craftsmanship that meet the highest standards.

We choose to use walls that are 9 feet high and 10 inches wide rather than the standard 8 feet and 8 inches. We also waterproof (rather than jump damp-proof) basements and we also use Advantech subflooring to further protect against water. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on architectural shingles as well as no-maintenance exteriors when you choose SDL Custom Homes. In short, you encounter quality at every turn.

Your Most Affordable Path to a Custom Home in Cumberland County, PA

One of the main things holding buyers back from exploring custom homes is the expected cost. But at SDL Custom Homes, we’ve gone to great lengths to provide custom homes at standard prices. You can take advantage of a free, no-money-down design process to get things started. And then we can work from your ideas or take one of our pre-priced plans and fully customize it. When it comes time to choose allowance items, we offer you our own price — which is typically 60% less than MSRP. That means we take no kickbacks by overcharging you for allowance items.

Once you start the process with SDL Custom Homes, you’ll realize just how accessible and affordable custom home building in Carlisle can be.

Are You Ready for Your Custom Home in Carlisle, PA?

Whether you’re starting a new family, empty nesting or anywhere in between, discover the power of your imagination when you choose SDL Custom Homes as your Carlisle home builders. Taking the first step is easy when you choose to enter the free, no-money-down design phase with our world-renowned architects. Are you ready for your custom home?

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