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Design Process

If you read our “About Us” section you’ve probably realized by now that we like to have fun at SDL Custom Homes. However, there are some things that we take seriously, and the way we build homes is one of them.The first step in the process is to find a plan.  Not only is finding the right home a very personal choice, it also reflects who you are. Choosing and customizing the plan that’s right for you is the most important stage of the building process.  Sure, you can live in a home that was not designed for your needs — and most of us have done this at some point in our lives — but why would you, if for the same price you could find a custom house plan with some thought put into your living space? When you partner with SDL Custom Homes, you are choosing to create and build a new home design that meets your needs perfectly. If you need guidance, we even provide a home building guide to help you create your dream home.

Finding the Right Custom House Plan and Custom House Builder

The good news is that finding the right plan and builder does not always mean designing one from scratch or opening up the yellow pages and hoping for the best. Most of the time our clients find a starting point on or in our plan book or elsewhere. Then, we use our streamlined design process to take a virtual tour of the desired design, modifying as we go to meet your needs. We do this by asking you the correct questions to help us customize a house to match your lifestyle.

Because we know that great design is in the details, don’t forget to bring your Pinterest and Houzz ideas so that we can incorporate them into the design. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone thought about where to plug your hair dryer in depending on which hand you are without you having to suggest it? We’ll do this, too, so when you move into your new home every aspect will have been addressed.

You’re the Chief Architect

SDL Custom Homes understands that not everyone has a knack for visualizing how a home or room will look. Our in-house designers draw your plan in a program called Chief Architect, a technology that allows you to view your potential home on a large TV screen in our design studio, and shows exactly what it will look like in 3D, from both exterior and interior views. We can even do a walk-through of the entire home. At this point, making changes is as simple as a click of the mouse. Plus, because we make plan changes free of charge, you won’t have to worry about costly changes once construction begins.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our design system and would like more information on our other building procedures, please contact us or call 717-258-1459 to set up your free design and consultation.  Remember, at SDL Custom Homes, you never have to ask “Can we do this?” The answer is always “Yes.”

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