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Paxton Township Homes

New Home Construction in Paxton Township, PA

If you’re researching living in the Paxton Township region and are considering purchasing or building a new home, SDL Custom Homes can help. As a new home builder in Paxton, PA, SDL Homes designs and constructs pre-priced and fully-customized residences using high quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship. We can help you choose the location and design that meets your exact specifications.

Living in Paxton Township, PA

Paxton is actually comprised of three townships: Upper Paxton, Middle Paxton and Lower Paxton. Lower Paxton Township is the largest, with well over 40,000 residents. Middle Paxton and Upper Paxton each have about 4,000 residents. All three townships enjoy close proximity to Harrisburg, which is the state capital, as well as the attractions of Lancaster County.

The Paxton, PA region is home to a diverse mix of businesses that provide ample employment opportunities across a broad spectrum of jobs. Government jobs play a large role, as does health care and education. Technology and tourism are also important. The surrounding countryside is home to some of the most fertile agriculture in the country.

Paxton Township residents enjoy numerous recreational opportunities outdoors, as well as live entertainment such as concerts, plays, minor league ballgames and more. Individuals and families experience a variety of living arrangements as well as employment and education opportunities.


Should You Build a Custom Home in Paxton Township?

Building new and purchasing a preexisting home each have advantages and disadvantages. With a preexisting home, you won’t have to worry about choosing a design, securing permits or selecting materials. As you likely already know, however, preexisting homes come with preexisting problems. Drafty entrances, too-low ceilings, damp basements and poorly-pitched rooflines can all lead to long term headaches and costly repairs — never mind unfixable problems such as an inefficient floor plan or a bad location.

When you work with our new home builders in Paxton, PA, you can get exactly what you want without any compromises. You can choose between pre-priced home plans and fully-customized designs that meet your precise specifications. Best of all, when you choose SDL Homes, you can get all the benefits of a custom home — without the custom price tag.

SDL Custom Homes

Our design/build process is flexible with 3D modeling. Choose a pre-priced plan and modify it to suit your needs, or create a completely new design using inspiration from our partnerships with the world’s most highly-respected architects.

Plus, with SDL Custom Homes, we’ll build your home with materials and practices that most other builders would charge you extra for. Check out our 22 pages of construction specifications or our home builders guide and see why SDL Custom Homes is your source for quality and flexibility.

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