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2019 Home Building Trends

Are you planning to build your own home this year? Whether it’s the first home you’ll own, your next step together as an expanding family or your retirement home as empty-nesters, building a house from scratch is even more exciting than buying one — you can decide how everything will look, feel and be constructed.

While the freedom to design your own house can be invigorating, it can also be a little overwhelming. What style should you choose? What materials would be best? What features will make your home value higher if you ever decide to sell?

If you’re not sure where to start when you consult with your home builders, why not get inspired by looking at some of the most current style and design trends for your new home? Here are a few 2019 home building trends you don’t want to overlook.

Open Floor Plans

In the past, narrow hallways and entryways and divided space was the norm for home interiors, but modern home design is leaning more toward minimalism, clean lines and wide, open spaces. This trend means less wall space to separate individual rooms, fewer hallways and more free space to customize with furniture placements and a personal twist. Even home buyers who choose traditional exterior architecture are leaning toward contemporary open-concept interiors because these choices maximize both the space and the use of their homes.

Outdoor Living Spaces

As homeowners begin to reimagine their living spaces, it’s becoming common to integrate elements of the home into useable, design-minded outdoor areas. Outdoor living spaces — like covered porches with full sets of comfortable furniture, firepit areas with roofs and even outdoor kitchens — are becoming trendy architectural aspects of many modern homes. Space heaters, indoor flooring and fencing elements allow these outdoor spaces to offer year-round use.

Sustainable Materials

As a modern movement that’s becoming more widespread than ever as 2019 rolls in, sustainability is a big part of the new housing market. In their home design, energy usage and materials alike, both homeowners and homebuilders are reaching toward a more eco-friendly home standard. Sustainable home building materials like brick, clay, recycled steel, reclaimed wood and precast concrete are just a few green options you can consider when you’re aiming for an eco-friendly new home.

Natural Finishes

Just like they’re opting for more sustainable home building materials, homeowners also have an increasing interest in a natural look and feel inside the home. As a result, finish materials like brick, reclaimed wood, stone and bamboo are becoming more popular additions to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and dens — whether they’re accent features or the main material for the interior walls.

Home Office Areas

With a growing population of remote professionals, entrepreneurs and other people who work from home, home offices are becoming an essential part of the modern residence. If you or your spouse works remotely full-time, takes additional time for a career at home or plans to in the future, don’t forget to incorporate a home office space into your new home design.

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