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How to Add Resale Value When Building Your Home

When building a new home, you’ve likely considered every detail in the design process. But have you thought about the value that your home will have in the future? The choices you make now could impact your ability to sell your house later. Here are five tips to keep in mind to help create resale value when designing your new home.

Focus on the Exterior

Investing in the exterior adds instant value to your home. Features like patios and decks can create additional square footage and provide an area for entertaining and spending time together. You can design a custom patio for outdoor dining or create beautiful hardscaping for a low-maintenance yard. Professional landscaping with proper upkeep will also make your home’s exterior more inviting and boost curb appeal.

Install Smart Gadgets

In the modern age, it pays to implement smart features into a new home. Creating a “smart home” increases value for those who integrate technology into all aspects of their lives. Consider adding voice-controlled lights or sound systems, a smart refrigerator, Wi-Fi connected security cameras and app-controlled thermostats. This smart technology will be a key selling point for your home in the future.

Invest in the Kitchen

The biggest opportunity to add value to your home lies in the kitchen. As a main gathering place, the kitchen should be fairly large and open to the rest of the house. Other options include installing high-quality cabinets and the most modern appliances. When choosing appliances, think about energy-efficient models that will save money. Stainless steel is a popular choice for a sleek, clean look in your kitchen.

Consider Your Windows

Windows provide natural light among other perks in a home. Many homeowners want as much natural light as possible, so it pays to make sure your home has plenty of windows. High-quality windows can also keep out heat and cold to save you money on your energy bill. Starting off with the highest quality windows will save you from having to pay for replacements later.

Splurge on High-Quality Flooring

Flooring offers another opportunity to increase resale value. Floors experience heavy foot traffic on a daily basis as well as spills and other accidents that can cause potential damage. Choosing a better quality material may be worth the higher price tag in the long run. Hardwood has a higher value than laminate, and if you opt for carpeting, make sure it is stain-resistant. Specific rooms cater to different types of flooring, so keep that in mind when making your selections.

Design Your Dream Home With SDL Custom Homes

The time may come when you want to sell your custom-build home. You can take steps today to ensure a higher resale value by choosing the best features during the design and build process. The team at SDL Custom Homes will work with you to build the home of your dreams that can also be someone else’s dream home in the future. Contact us today to request an estimate to break ground on your new home.

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