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Types of Home Lighting

You’ve seen great home lighting effects in interior design photos. And now you want to have the same effect in your home. But you don’t know the best type of lighting you should use.

Read on as we share vital information about various types of lighting. This will help you create a good lighting plan for your home. So, what are the main types of home lighting you need?

General or Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting gives you adequate soft light to see and move around. It’s not harsh on the eyes. Ambient light is just like natural lighting. You can create it by using lighting fixtures that provide flat, natural lighting. It’s great for relaxation, especially after a tough and stressful day at work.

Here are some ideal types of ambient light:

  • Recessed Light: Use a set of track lights that shine from your ceiling. You can put these in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.
  • Pendants or Chandeliers: For taller ceilings — like the 9-foot-tall basement ceilings we construct for our clients — you can use these fixtures.
  • Wall Lights: You can use wall lights or sconces in any part of your home, but they are most useful in your hallways and on your patios.

Task Lighting

You need bright and focused lighting when you’re working. In your kitchen, home office, and DIY workshop, task lights will give you the right amount of illumination for all the tiny details. For the best results, you should combine task lighting with low ambient light. Task lighting helps your brain function efficiently. Your concentration improves, and you’ll be more alert.

Which fixtures can you use to create task lighting? Here’s a good start:

  • Desk or Floor Lamps: Put lamps on tables, desks, or in a convenient place to provide more light while working. With a swing arm lamp, you’ll be able to change the direction of the light with ease.
  • Under-Cabinet Lights: Use these directly under your kitchen cabinets. They create a unique effect and provide the additional light you need for preparing food or cleaning up. Also, vanity lighting can fit well on dressing mirrors or in your bathroom.
  • Pendant Lights: If you don’t like table lamps, you can hang pendants over your work table. Pendants work well when you fix them above your kitchen island and in your kids’ play areas.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the best type of lighting for drawing the eye to focal points in your home. So, when you’ve purchased an expensive piece of artwork, you can highlight it with accent lighting. It also works for other focal points like furniture, fireplaces, collections, and bookcases.

Accent lighting adds some sophistication to your home. You can also place accent lighting outdoors to draw attention to special parts of your home, especially during Halloween and Christmas. Your best options include the following:

  • Wall Lights: Wall lights will help you highlight both small and large art pieces. They also help you bring out the beauty of your interior design.
  • Recessed Lighting: Recessed lighting or spotlights can be used to accentuate an entire wall. You can fix them at the base of a wall to highlight a colorful design or brick texture.
  • Landscape Lighting: These lights can showcase the external parts of your home. Use them to light up your garden, pathways, and any external monuments.

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