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Designing a Home Office

home office designWorking from home can eliminate your commute time, let you take care of family members and allow you to create side projects with the time and money you save. As more workplaces cut down on physical offices, it’s time to get creative and design a home office ready to accommodate all your business and personal needs.

Choosing a Location

You must choose a home office location suited for your type of work. If your job requires you to make video or conference calls, make sure your office is in a quiet area with little interruption. This can make it easier to hear those on the other end, and the people you live with will thank you for keeping down the noise. If you spend the day selling and distributing your own goods, you may want your office near the door to send and receive deliveries.

Creativity can make any room in the house the right location for a home office. If you can’t find a quiet place in your home to work and talk with your remote colleagues, consider investing in noise-proof headphones or sound-canceling software that minimizes noise digitally. For small business owners that don’t have enough space on the ground floor for an office, converting the garage can give you both the office and product storage space you need.

Picking Out Furniture

Investing in the right furniture for your home office can give you better posture and help minimize strain on your body as you work. Though working on a computer may not seem too strenuous, constant sitting and typing can lead to pain along the spine, neck and arms. When choosing office furniture, pick ergonomic chair and desk options that allow your legs to sit at a 90-degree angle, and position your monitor so it doesn’t strain your neck. Standing desks are another great option.

If you need storage solutions, try built-in bookshelves and filing cabinets to keep your home neat and organized. If you regularly have clients over to your office, you’ll also want to look into upholstered chairs or sofas. When designing your home office space layout, make sure you always have a designated area for storage, work and client seating if applicable.


By ensuring you have all the proper technology in your home office, you can eliminate countless headaches. No matter where you’re working in the house, make sure you’re close to a Wi-Fi router or have an ethernet cable in the room. Depending on the work you do, you may want to invest in equipment such as headphones, multiple monitors, routers and printers. By implementing more technology solutions, your whole operation can run more efficiently.

Design Your Home Office With SDL Custom Homes

When you’re ready to start designing your home office, come to SDL Custom Homes. By partnering with the world’s best architects, we can offer you custom 3D modeling of your home so you can virtually walk through the design and make modifications before construction begins. Call 717-258-1459 or request an estimate today to see how you can make your dream home office design into a reality.

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